Friday, December 17, 2010


Thank you to everyone that contributed and/or prayed for the raffle. Last night we counted the tickets and we had a little over 400 sold!!! We also had straight up donations that will go into our church Haiti account for our travel expenses to Haiti. If you are wanting to make an end of year donation that is tax deductible then you can write a check to Second Baptist Church to be allocated to our travel fund.

We will have our raffle drawing today at the end of Brooke's class Christmas party. Brooke will draw first for the iPad then Morgan will draw for the TV. The neat thing is that we will have all the tickets in a purse made by a Hatian woman. You can go to my friend, Aleesa's, blog for information about the purses: We will post via blog and Facebook who are winners are. They will be contacted and depending on their location we will drive their prize to them or have it shipped to them directly from the store.

Expecting Mother,

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Raffle Update...

Just wanted to let everyone know that the raffle has really picked up momentum this week and we hope it continues. Our only disappointment is that we were never able to find anyone to donate our raffle prizes so we will be spending almost half our money buying the prizes :(

If you know of anyone or a business that would like to donate either the iPad or the 42" Flat screen TV then please forward them my information.

THANK YOU to all that have already either donated or bought raffle tickets. We are very anxious to get started with all our paperwork. Our friends, Marc and Lesley Estes, are also adopting from Haiti and it took about 2 months to get all the paperwork done, social worker visit, physicals etc done. We are hoping to be done with this first process by late Feburary so that we can get our stuff sent to Haiti and be placed with a child by March.

I told Kazen the other day that I really do try not to think about the adoption too much because when I do I just cry. He asked why and I told him that thinking about the reality of what we are doing for this childs life is HUGE. I know also that he is going to make a huge impact on our lives and my heart is just overfilled with joy and crying is the only way for me to express that I guess.

Once again, thanks to all that are helping financially and spiritually.

In Him,

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I am back!!!

It has been a while since I have posted anything!!! This week we are starting to really push the raffle tickets since our drawing date is getting very close. We are so excited. I have also started going to the goverment web site and printing off forms to be filled out. There are many things to fill out and get done so we are hoping this process will be complete by January!!!

Remember that you can go to the "donate" link on this page if you want raffle tickets. For every $10 you donate we will write you name on one of the raffle tickets to go in the drawing for the iPad and 42" flat screen TV. We are also hoping to get other small drawing donations donated from friends and family.