Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Back on September 1st I twisted my knee very badly and was really concerned about the possibility of having to have some sort of surgery or something. Today I went to the orthopedist and he thinks I just need time with this kind of injury. After a few weeks if I have not made great improvement then we would need to do an MRI and go from there.

Kazen and I had discussed taking a trip to Haiti to spend some time with Betson since it looks as though we will not be bringing him home before the end of the year. He suggested that instead of us both going for 1 week that we go separately so that Betson has at least one of us for 2 weeks!!! When he suggested that I suggested to him that I could go during the girls Thanksgiving break so that Morgan will be able to go with me. The reason for this is because a few weeks ago she verbalized that it just did not seem real since she has not met Betson. This is why the doctor saying that he does not really think this is a bad injury is such GREAT NEWS!!! This means we can both go during Thanksgiving week. She will miss a few days of school since they are not out for the entire week but I think this is well worth the unexcused absences.

When I got home from the doctor I immediately called Brent Gambrell's office and found out all the information I needed. I have printed out the applications and will be sending them off tomorrow with our deposit to save our spots. I am SO EXCITED to be able to go back and spend some quality time with him with Morgan.

Morgan just got home from school and I told her that we for sure get to go to Haiti and she is SUPER EXCITED!!!

Please be in daily prayer for my knee that it continues to heal before our trip in November.

In Him,