Thursday, January 20, 2011

We are APPROVED!!!

After Kazen having to get with his IT guy at work to dig through blocked emails we now have the OFFICIAL OKAY from Dr. Bernard (operates the orphanage in Haiti). We are just at the beginning but it seems like this journey has already been so long. I called the potential Social Worker a few minutes ago and left a message. We are praying that she will call back today and we can get her booked on a flight from Dallas to Houston ASAP. We are hearing whispers that once our Dossier is in Haiti the process may go MUCH faster than we anticipated. This is such a blessing but fills us with some anxiety since this also means that funds will need to come much sooner also. Please pray for our fund raising and donations during this time.

expecting mom

Friday, January 14, 2011

How many of you got that new cell phone you wanted for Christmas? New laptop, GPS, hand held gaming system? What do you do with the old one? Why not recycle it?

Bring us your old cell phones, GPS, iPods/MP3 players, lap tops, digital cameras, ink jet cartridges, and broken gold jewelry to be recycled.

The production of consumer electronics (cell phones, laptops, iPods, etc.) and jewelry (rings, watches, necklaces, etc.) directly and negatively impacts the environment. Every phase in the life cycle of these products, from raw material extraction all the way to their end-of-life management, involves environmental degradation. For example, during the extraction phase, raw materials such as rare metals must be mined from the earth, refined, transported and manufactured into products such as jewelry, cell phones, laptops, and other consumer electronics. Each of these phases uses tremendous amounts of energy. When products such as these reach the end of their useful lives, the best choice is to properly and safely recycle them. That's where you can make a difference.

Kazen Coffey

Monday, January 3, 2011


Well 2011 is upon us and how quickly did it seem to come? Last week we sent our official email to Dr. Bernard expressing our interest in adopting. We are awaiting his confirmation email back with the okay to continue on our journey. During the raffle we raised enough money to get us through the 1st process of all the paperwork through our government and social workers. I have set up my appointment with my doctor to get all the fun blood work done to ensure I do not have HIV, TB or Syphilis!!!

Other exciting news is that I WON a trainer/lifestyle coach for 6 months. Trainer Michelle Carlson was running a competition for people needing to lose a minimum of 100 pounds. I wrote a "My Story" that was selected as one of the finalists. Kazen (my husband) and I went and interviewed with her. She then had a few of the other trainers (because she knew some contestants personally) pick the winner and it was ME!!! I will have to admit that when she and her husband, Alan, came to my house to let me know I was the winner we were on our way out to go eat at Cheddars!!!! GOTCHA, oh well it did not start until 1/3 anyways...hehehe

Today Michelle came to my house at 9 a.m. and I needed to fill out some paperwork and we discussed my week 1 goals: keeping a detailed daily food log, keeping a daily activity log, implement 1-2 positive dietary changes, walk 30-60 minutes daily, drink 1 cup warm water with 1/2 lemon upon waking up, and be sure to eat breakfast every day as it IS the most important meal of the day. Of course I also need to start drinking 3L of water daily.

We will meet together 5 days a week. On Monday and Friday she will come to my house and Tue - Thur I will come to her, wherever that might be on those days!!!

Please keep me in your prayers!!! My #1 goal is to feel better and be healthier for me and my family. Once we get our precious little boy I want to be able to run and play with him and my girls!!!

expecting mother